Practice areas

We are as Luxembourg Experts-Comptables and German Steuerberater comprehensively active in all areas of Luxembourg and German accounting and tax law.

The focus of our activities is on the:

  • Advising companies in the financial and investment fund industry

  • Advising of cross-border entrepreneurs between Germany and Luxembourg

  • Advising cross-border employees and/or their employers (in cooperation with our partner firm Breuer & Otto Personal Tax GmbH, Steuerberatungsgesellschaft -

Our range of services includes among others:

Tax returns / Tax Compliance

  • Preparation of business and private tax returns of any kind

  • Industry focus on the preparation of tax returns for investment vehicles and special purpose vehicles such as Soparfi, SICAV ( SIF & RAIF), SICAR, Propcos (Real Estate), securitisation companies, financial / issuing companies, Luxembourg limited partnerships (Sociétés en Commandite Simple or Spéciales), etc.

  • Ongoing advice and support in all tax compliance issues such as tax records and registrations (value added tax / value added tax), tax returns (foreign investments), and applications (refund of deposits, capital inome tax refunds, etc.).

Accounting and annual accounts / consolidated financial statements

  • Preparation of current accounting.

  • Preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with Luxembourg commercial and register law (LuxGAAP), German commercial law (GermanGAAP) and IFRS.

  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly financial statements and other accounting reports.

  • Industry focus on comprehensive services for Luxembourg financing and investment companies ( SOPARFI ), securitisation companies ( with multiple compartments ), limited partnerships ( SCS / SCSp ), real estate companies ( Propcos ) and capital management companies.

  • Preparation or support in the preparation of regulatory reports (e.g. BCL reports for securitisation companies or finance companies)

  • Preparation of German and Luxembourg payroll accounting.


  • Tax advice, especially in international matters, VAT issues (analysis of business transactions, tax exemptions, etc.) and partnership taxation

  • Advice on special accounting issues

  • Income tax, wage tax and social security special issues (coordination of social security systems)

  • Assistance with business permits (trade authorisation) for Luxembourg.

Domiciliation und Corporate Services

  • Provision of domicile for special purpose vehicles/financial companies (Soparfis, SCSp, General Partners/ GPs / Managing Limited Partners MLP etc.)

  • Corporate services such as making entries in the commercial register, entries in the RBE or transparency register